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Buffalo Fiction: 150 Years of Novels & Short Stories

Readers who were thrilled by Lauren Belfer's 1999 novel, City of Light, a historical mystery/thriller set in Buffalo, New York in 1901, can continue their exploration of how other authors have fictionalized our beloved city. The titles listed below are set in Buffalo, have pivotal scenes in Buffalo, or feature Buffalonians as major characters. The Buffalo connection is admittedly slight in several of the works.  We make no guarantees about literary merit.

Exactly 340 novels & short stories are listed with links and with plot notes, when I was able to find them. I haven't been able to read everything on this list.  Don't librarians get paid to read all day?  Sure, just like grocers get paid to eat all day.

About half of these books are out of print (OP).  You can find them in libraries and through used book dealers.

If you've published a novel or story with an explicit Buffalo connection, drop us a line.  Please include a link. Though we frequently search for new titles, we can't be sure that we didn't miss something.

Honorable Mention: Verlyn Klinkenborg's The Last Fine Time is one of my all-time favorite Buffalo books but it is NONfiction. Eddie Wenzek was a real tavern owner and the father-in-law of the author.  Wenzek passed away July 9, 2007.

Many thanks to BuffaloRising for this article!

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Adams, Ronald W.
Lake Effect
America House Book Publishers, ©2003
Author's Website "A Christmastime carjacking plunges two small children into the icy waters of Lake Erie." Takes place in Hamburg.
Albarella, Joan
Called to Kill
Tucson, AZ: Rising Tide Press, ©2000
Review "A Viet-Nam vet confronts her feelings for the Vietnamese woman and Amerasian child she was involved with twenty-five years earlier. Though filled with mixed emotions, the Reverend Nikki Barnes agrees to help her old friend and travels the short distance to Canada. She soon becomes immersed in the dark world of drugs, prostitution and murder, and is drawn into a tangled web of deceit and romance."
Alger, Horatio, Jr.
The Young Salesman
Philadelphia, PA: Henry T. Coates & Co., 1896

Full Text
Buffalo Fiction would be incomplete without a Horatio Alger story!  Scott Walton, an orphan,gets a job as a traveling salesman. When he is sent to Buffalo on business he is able to buy a bankrupt wholesale firm's goods for his company at a discount. For this, the company gives him a commission and a promotion. Available in reprint.
Ames, Greg
Buffalo Lockjaw
New York: Hyperion, 2009
Author's Website "James Fitzroy isn’t doing so well. Though his old friends in Buffalo believe his life in New York City is a success, in fact he writes ridiculous taglines for a greeting card company. Now he’s coming home on Thanksgiving to visit his aging father and dying mother, and unlike other holidays, he’s not sure how this one is going to end."
Ames, Greg
The Burnout

Binghamton, NY:  Thesis/dissertation, 2010
Bibliographic record College students in Buffalo.
Anderson, Douglas
First and Ten
New York: Crown, ©1993
Author's Website
OP. A mystery set during a labor strike among the Buffalo Bills. Someone is picking off striking ballplayers one by one.
Baines, Gay & Mary Ann Eichelberger
Storms: Stories and Poems
Buffalo, NY: July Literary Press, ©1999
Publisher's Website Not seen by this webmaster
Baker, Elliott
Penny Wars
New York: Putnam, [1968]
Author Biography Author is a Buffalo native. A coming of age novel set in 1939, with some scenes in Buffalo.
Baker, Elliott
Unrequited Loves
New York: Putnam, ©1974
Author Biography
An autobiographical novel set during World War II, not seen by this webmaster. Many thanks to John I. O'Day for bringing this one to my attention.
Baldwin, Faith
White Collar Girl
New York: Farrar & Rinehart, ©1933
Author Biography
OP. A librarian colleague writes, "It's set in a fictitious WNY river town, and the wealthy, powerful family in town moved to 'the country' after the patriarch retired from business in Buffalo. IMO it's one of Baldwin's best, with a heroine who makes a career for herself in real estate."
Bankowsky, Richard
A Glass Rose
New York: Random House, ©1958
Review Supposedly includes Polish-American Buffalonians.
Barr, Robert
In the Midst of Alarms
New York: F. Stokes Co., ©1894
Full Text
Set in Buffalo and Fort Erie in 1866 during the Fenian raids in Canada
Barth, John
One Upon a Time
Boston, MA: Little, Brown,
Author Biography
Includes some scenes in Buffalo. Author taught at the University of Buffalo from 1965-1973.  Reviewed in the Buffalo News, May 29, 1994.
Bartlett, Lorraine
Dead in Red: A Jeff Resnick Mystery
Waterville, ME: Five Star, 2008
Review "Bartlett presents her second supernatural mystery featuring Jeff Resnick, a down-and-out insurance investigator who acquired hard-to-control psychic powers."  --Booklist
Bartlett, Lorraine
Murder on the Mind
Five Star Publishing,
Author's Website
Former insurance investigator Jeff Resnick is mugged and the resulting brain injury enables him to sense people's secrets.  Jeff senses clues to the recent murder of a local banker and feels compelled to pursue it--using both his psychic and investigative skills.
Baxter, Charles
The Soul Thief
New York: Random House,
Publisher's Website
"After his father’s death, Nathaniel Mason leaves behind his grieving mother, mute sister and sorrow-filled Midwestern home. He hopes to escape their grief and the shadowy figures that watch him from a distance to find solace and a higher education at graduate school in Buffalo, New York. It is the early 1970s, and the United States is mired in the unpopular conflict in Vietnam. It is a time of “ecstatic bitterness and joyfully articulated rage, along with fear, which is unarticulated."   --Bookreporter.com
Beardsley, Charles E.
The Victims of Tyranny: A Tale

Buffalo, NY: D. June, 1847
Full Text Set on the Niagara Frontier during the War of 1812
Beck, Harold Thomas
Cornplanter Chronicles: A Tale of the Legendary Chieftain
Custer City, PA: Mountain Laurel Pub. Co., ©2002
Publisher's Website A fictionalized account of the great Seneca leader. He was born near Avon, NY and lived briefly in Tonawanda.
Beckhorn, Sarah Williams
Sarey by Lantern Light
Down East Books, ©2003
Publisher's Website "Sarey has a different way of seeing, but her teacher at the crowded city school in Buffalo doesn't recognize this. She knows Sarey is bright and artistically talented, but blames Sarey's refusal to read on laziness. In fact, Sarey is dyslexic--a condition that in the 1970s was not so well recognized and understood as it is today."
Belfer, Lauren
City of Light

New York: Dial Press, ©1999
Author Profile Buffalo's literary event of 1999. If you can read only one book on this list, make it City of Light.
Belfer, Lauren
[short story]
Michigan Quarterly Review, vol. XXXI, Issue: 2, Spring 1992, pp. 267-277

Full Text
A child is found drowned in Delaware Park.
Bellow, Saul
Adventures of Augie March
New York: Viking Press, ©1953
Critique Augie flees from Chicago to Buffalo after an illegal immigration scheme fails.
Bellow, Saul
"What Kind of Day Did You Have?" [novella], in:
Him With His Foot in His Mouth
New York: Harper & Row, ©1984
Review "Reaching for the telephone in a Buffalo hotel, Victor calls his lover Katrina in Chicago, and invites - commands - her to fly in zero weather from Chicago to Buffalo solely in order to keep him company on his flight from Buffalo to Chicago..."
Benedict, Lois Trimble
Canalboat Mystery
New York: Atheneum, 1963
Newspaper Article
A young adult novel set in the Tonawandas in 1910.
"Black Knife" [McCarroll, James]
Ridgeway: An Historical Romance of the Fenian Invasion of Canada
Buffalo, NY: McCarroll & Co., ©1868
Full Text OP. This 1868 novel is no longer the oldest I know of with a Buffalo connection. James Holstun writes: "Lively but sometimes silly romance, written just after the invasion, by a committed Fenian partisan from Canada. True romance between Nicholas Barry and Kate McCarthy, abducted maidens, black-hearted British scoundrels, and long, passionate, and intelligent analyses of British colonialism."
Blair, Cynthia
Going Solo
Fawcett Juniper, ©1991
Author's Website OP. A young adult novel in which three young musicians, one of them a teenage flutist from Buffalo, find friendship at a prestigious music camp.
Block, Lawrence writing as Sheldon Lord
New York: Open Road Integrated Media, 2011
Author's Blog
"Carla is a beautiful girl. She was plucked from the obscurity of a Polish slum to be the wife of a wealthy man who seemingly gives her everything a wife could want. Except the one thing that she needs most..."  A sex novel originally published ca. 1958.
Bourne, D.A.
Bloomington, IN: Xlibris.com, 2012
Publisher's Website Set in an African-American church in Buffalo.
Blumenthal, John
Millard Fillmore, Mon Amour
New York: St. Martin's Griffin, ©2004
Review The narrator, a nerdy neurotic, finds love while he works on an epic biography of Buffalo's Millard Fillmore
Bodell, Bill
Immortal Spirit
Monroe, NY: Library Research Associates, ©1984
  Fictionalized account of growing up on the Niagara Frontier after the Depression. 
Book of Short Stories
[Buffalo, NY?] : Printed and bound under supervision of K.E. Killeen, Director of Handwork, [1930?]
Full Text
Short stories written by Buffalo 5th graders, many of which mention local events and scenes
Bowen, Rhys
Death of Riley
New York: St. Martin's Minotaur ©2002
Review Molly Murphy, a young Irish immigrant and aspiring detective in early 20th century New York City, pursues the case of her reluctant , murdered mentor, Private Investigator Paddy Riley. Eventually, the trail leads to the Pan American Exposition in Buffalo.
Boyle, T. Coraghessan
Budding Prospects: A Pastoral
New York: Viking, ©1984
Review Boyle went to school at UB and lived in an apartment over a bar on Hertel Avenue. Fellow librarian Bill tells me that the grandmother character in this novel is a Buffalonian.
Brady, Charles
Viking Summer
Milwaukee, WI: Bruce Pub Co.,
Author Biography
Includes chapter "Christmas in Buffalo."  Brady was a professor at Canisius College.
Brautigan, Richard
An Unfortunate Woman
New York: St. Martins Press, ©2000
Review The depressed narrator in this semi-autobiographical novel recounts six months of wandering around the country, including a stop in Buffalo. Not seen by this webmaster.
Breen, Martin
Lizzie & Other Stories

Buffalo, NY: Martin Breen, ©2004
Author's Website Short stories based on the author's youth in South Buffalo
Brown, James G.
A Promise to the Past: A Genealogical Mystery
Lincoln, NE: iUniverse.com, ©2000
Commercial Website Robert E. Wurtz writes, "I have just finished reading a genealogical novel... ... James Baker, wife and 2 small children had just arrived in Buffalo on March 14, 1835. As the western terminus of the Erie canal '...it also became a very rough town with a very pervasive criminal element that was all too real.' (p. 134)"
Bryant, Will
Escape from Sonora
New York: Random House, [1973]
Biographical Website The only novel here to prominently feature a made-in-Buffalo product: a 1907 Thomas Flyer, which is driven by a gang on the run from a murder in Arizona in 1916
Buch, Cornelius
The Twin French Cottages on Plymouth Ave.
September 2008

Full Text
A short ghost story self-published by the author, written to evoke the literary style of the late 19th century.  This story exists only online.
Burley, Charlotte
Cosmopolitan Girls

New York: Harlem Moon/Broadway Books, ©2004
Publisher's Website Two New York City girls, one originally fom Buffalo, lend each other moral and spiritual support as they deal with unworthy lovers.
Burrow, R.
The Tree Outside the Window
Denlingers Publishers LTD, ©1999
Author's Website Au autobiographical novel about the author's battle with mental illness. Although Buffalo is not mentioned by name, the hospital is inspired by Buffalo's Psychiatric Center. Author lives in Buffalo.
Burton, Gabrielle
Heartbreak Hotel
New York: Scribner, ©1986
Excerpt A feminist fantasy set in the Museum of the Revolution in Buffalo
Caldwell, Taylor
There Was a Time
New York: Scribner, ©1947
Synopsis OP. Caldwell was Buffalo's most famous novelist during the 20th century. Set in "Bison," which is based on Buffalo.
Caldwell, Taylor
Wide House
New York: Scribner, ©1945
Synopsis OP. A gothic romance set in "Grandville," which is based on Buffalo.
Callaghan, Daniel
The Guardsmen
Authonomy, 2009
Full Text "A National Guard unit of Special Forces composed mostly of Korean and Vietnam Conflict veterans gathers for a drill weekend that will take them into Attica State Prison to end an uprising. Bloodied after a realist summer exercise, Captain John Ryan comes up with a plan to use the Guardsmen's special skills in the streets of Buffalo..."
Canin, Ethan
America America
New York: Random House,  
Review Narrator becomes intertwined with a powerful family in a town an hour south of Buffalo
Caputi, Anthony
Loving Evie

New York: Harper & Row, ©1974
Author Biography OP. A Buffalo college professor has a love affair, which produces a baby and a marriage and a life that he doesn't really understand.
Caputi, Anthony
Storms and Son

New York: Atheneum, ©1985
Author Biography OP. A Buffalo attorney searches for his son's murderer in Greenwich Village.
Carew, Opal
New York: St. Martin's Griffin, 2009

Author's Website
On the surface, she’s a respectable, straight-laced professional.  But once a year, Harmony reunites with her old college friends--the infamous Group of Six--for a decadent sexual free-for-all. 
Carroll, Cindy
Innocence and Indiscretion
Bloomington, IN: AuthorHouse,
Publisher's Website Cullen Breslin hit his adolescent years harder than most teenagers did. Cullen’s parents died a few months after his father relocated the family to Buffalo. Trouble was attracted to him no matter how much he wanted to avoid it. Then, one indiscretion would steal his innocence and lead him towards disaster.
Carse, Robert
Beckoning Waters
New York: Scribner, 1953
  Set in Buffalo, according to Book Buyer's Guide, v. 56.   Recounts an immigrant's efforts to become a Great Lakes captain.
Chabon, Michael
"Smoke" [short story] in:
A Model World and Other Stories
New York: Avon, ©2000
Review An aging Pittsburgh ballplayer attends a teammate's funeral before being demoted to the Triple AAA league in Buffalo. Many thanks to fellow librarian Bill for finding this one.
Chamberlain, Stephen R.
Crispus Attucks, I Steal a Cab, and Other Stories

Buffalo, NY: University Press of Buffalo, ©1975
  OP. Short stories based on the author's experience driving a cab for Madison Taxi Co. in Buffalo
Charles, Merritt
Fools Rush In--Where Angels...
Bloomington, IN: AuthorHouse ©2006
Publisher's Website Four Buffalo men patronize a prostitue and find themselves trapped in a web of extortion. Author's real name is Everett C. Merritt.
Cherry, Chelsea
The Buffalo Billionaire: Mr. Bennington's Secret
Amazon Digital Services, n.d.
Publisher's Website
When Jasmine Armano decides to take a semester off of college to work as a full time maid, she finds herself the object of her handsome and mysterious client's desire.  For mature readers only.
Clark, Margaret Goff
Danger at Niagara
New York: Funk & Wagnalls, 1968
"Set in the Niagara Frontier during the War of 1812. The novel opens in the winter of 1813, and the inhabitants of Lewiston soon learn of the burning of Newark by the retreating American army, and know that British reprisal is forthcoming, as indeed the characters must survive the British taking of Fort Niagara and burning of settlements up and down the American side of the Niagara River that December of 1813."  --Todd Mitchell
Electric Flesh
New York: Soft Skull Press, ©2006
Publisher's Website
The central protagonist is Harry Houdini, but the novel opens in Buffalo and mentions the invention of the electric chair by Buffalo dentist Dr. Albert Southwick.  "Excessive, extreme, obscene, Claro's vision of an immoral application of electricity is beautifully strange and unsettling."  --Ben Marcus
Clement, Peter
Death Rounds
New York: Fawcett, ©1999
Review Medical suspense. Not seen by this webmaster
Clement, Peter
The Inquisitor

New York: Ballantine Books, ©2004
Jacket Art Medical suspense. Not seen by this webmaster
Clement, Peter
Lethal Practice

[n.p.] Ivy Books, ©1998
Synopsys and blurbs Medical suspense. Not seen by this webmaster
Clement, Peter
Mortal Remains

New York: Random House, ©2003
Synopsys and blurbs Medical suspense. Not seen by this webmaster
Clement, Peter
The Procedure

New York: Ballantine Books, ©2001
Review Medical suspense. Not seen by this webmaster
Coatsworth, Elizabeth Jane
George and Red
New York: Macmillan, 1969
The adventures of two boys living near Niagara Falls at the time of the Civil War. Among other episodes they unknowingly help an Irishman join the Fenian troops invading Canada.
Cochrane, Mick
The Girl Who Threw Butterflies
New York: Knopf, ©2009
Publisher's website A young adult novel about baseball and grief, with Buffalo locales mentioned throughout.
Coleman, Daniel
The Anarchist
Oakland, CA: Willowbrook Press, ©2001
Publisher's Website Based on the life of Leon Czolgosz, who assassinated President William McKinley in Buffalo in 1901.
Coleman, David
Rust Belt Redemption
No Frills Buffalo, 2013
Publisher's Website
Two years ago Tom Donovan was a cop, working the rough and tumble streets of Buffalo’s East side.  One fateful night he was involved in the deaths of a Federal agent and an unarmed man. 
Collin, Max Allan
The Lusitania Murders
New York: Berkley Prime Crime,
Review Elbert Hubbard figures prominently in this historical thriller
Conlin, Judy
Shadows Over Bigelow Manor
iUniverse, 2007
Publisher's Website
Julie Jacobs left her small hometown to take a job as a nurse companion to an elderly woman at luxurious Bigelow Manor on the outskirts of Buffalo. Julie soon found herself in a maze of mystery and intrigue.
Cosby, Andrew
Damn Nation
Milwaukie, OR: Dark Horse Comics, ©2005
Publisher's Website A vampire plague has spread from sea to shining sea and when a small holdout of scientists trapped outside of Buffalo, N.Y. discover a cure, it's up to a Special Ops team from the President's current offices in London to go in and get it. Yet not everyone in the world wants to see America back in the saddle again ... First in a series of three graphic novels.
Crisp, George L.
Manley, the Master of Millions
Buffalo, NY: Business Collegian, ©1927
  OP. Possibly the first-ever novel completely set in Buffalo, this rags-to-riches story centers on a young man's business career
Daniels, Margaret
Family Secrets
Morrisville, NC: Lulu.com, 2007
Publisher's Website
Crime fiction that takes place in Buffalo and other cities
Davis, Clyde Brion
The Great American Novel
New York: Farrar & Rinehart, Inc. [©1938]
Excerpt and Synopsis OP. As this novel opens, Homer Zigler is a 23-year old cub reporter at a Buffalo newspaper who sets off the write the Great American Novel but somehow never does.
Davis, Clyde Brion
The Rebellion of Leo McGuire
New York: Farrar & Rinehart, Inc. [1944]
Author Biography
OP. This is the story of an 'honest burglar" who was born and raised on Buffalo's East Side.
Davis, Clyde Brion
Thudbury, an American Comedy
Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott, [1952]
Author Biography
OP. Thomas O'Donnell calls this an ironic novel set in Western New York.
Dean, Amber
Ticket to Buffalo
Garden City, NY: Crime Club/Doubleday, ©1951
Amber Dean papers at U. of Rochester OP. A murder mystery. Not seen by this webmaster
DeBerry, Virginia & Donna Grant
Far From the Tree
New York: St. Martin's Press, ©2000
Review Set in part or all in Buffalo. Not seen by this webmaster
DeBottis, Jeremy
One More
Publisher's Website
"When Adam Buckminster, the man who just may hold the key to Jack's acceptance to school shows up at the gym and begins gaining impossible strength despite doing everything wrong, Jack's life suddenly starts down a spiral of improbable events. Only with the help of the massive Brock Steele and the self-proclaimed knight Wallace Claymore can Jack hope to get things back to normal.  A witty, unbelievable tromp through the streets of Buffalo ensues that forces the trio to dance the magical line between science and myth."
De La Cruz, Melissa
The Au Pairs

New York: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, ©2004
Review Three teenage girls spend a summer in the Hamptons caring for the kids of a fabulously wealthy family. One of them, Eliza, was forced to move to Buffalo after her father's financial misdealings.
Deming, Richard
Gallows in My Garden
New York: Dell, ©1952
ThrillingDetective website OP. Features sleuth Manville Moon.
Deming, Richard
Juvenile Delinquent
London: T.V. Boardman, ©1958
ThrillingDetective website OP. Features sleuth Manville Moon.
Deming, Richard
Tweak the Devil's Nose
New York: Rinehart, ©1953
ThrillingDetective website OP. Features sleuth Manville Moon. Also published under the title Hand-Picked to Die.
Deming, Richard
Whistle Past the Graveyard
New York: Rinehart, ©1954
ThrillingDetective website OP. Features sleuth Manville Moon. Also published under the title Give the Girl a Gun.
Denmon, Nicholas
Buffalo Soldiers: An Upstate New York Mafia Tale, Book II
Amazon Digital Services, Inc.,
Author's Blog
Alex Vaughn investigates another organized crime
Denmon, Nicholas
For Nothing: An Upstate New York Mafia Tale, Book I
FL: CreateSpace, 
Publisher's Website "Undercover cop Alex Vaughn goes deeper than ever into the organized crime family of Buffalo, NY. Motivated by justice and revenge, he seeks out the assassin that laid his friend Jack low."
DiChiara, A.J.
Grinning Man
iUniverse, 2009
Publisher's Website
"Felice DePalma enjoys living on Long Island. But when her conniving boyfriend steals all of her money and leaves her in debt, she knows there is only one solution: sell her house and start a new life. So she lines up a new job in Buffalo. She’ll visit all the interesting sites along the way, making the best out of a bad situation. But she quickly finds out that she hasn’t left everything behind."
Dilks, Susan Crossett
Her Reason for Being: A Novel
Bloomington, IN: Authorhouse, ©2008
Publisher's Website "...we speak now of the future, the same future which will see the rise to national prominence of the Larkin manufacturing Company and its bringing Frank Lloyd Wright to Buffalo to design not only its headquarters but the homes of many of the company's officials."
Dimon, Helen Kay
Hard as Nails
New York: Kensington Publishing Corp.,
Publisher's Website
A romance novel supposedly with scenes in Buffalo
DiPirro, Philip K.
Knights in White Satin
Frederick, MD: PublishAmerica, ©2002
Publisher's Website Opens with a 60-year old kidnapping of a young wife and mother in Buffalo, with extortion, murder, and theft from the mob along the way. Not seen by this webmaster.
Dobson, Frank E.
The Race is Not Given

[n.p.] SterlingHouse, ©1999
Publisher's Website Narrator returns to his parents' home in Hamlin Park with a cancer diagnosis and a failed marriage
Donne, John
Too Hot to Handle

New York: Vantage Press, ©1991
  OP. Not seen by this webmaster
Dooley, Roger B.
Days Beyond Recall

Milwaukee, WI: Bruce Pub. Co., ©1949
Author Obituary
OP. Set in Buffalo's First Ward and includes a saloon based on the Swannie House
Dooley, Roger B.
Gone Tomorrow

Milwaukee, WI: Bruce Pub. Co., [1961]
Author Biography
OP. Not seen by this webmaster
Dooley, Roger B.
House of Shanahan

Garden City, NY: Doubleday & Co., ©1952
Author Biography OP. Not seen by this webmaster
Dooley, Roger B.
Less Than the Angels

Milwaukee, WI: Bruce Pub. Co., ©1946
Full Text
OP. The fictional Lakeport is based on Buffalo. George Richmond writes, "I remember reading Less than the Angels shortly after it was published. One of my more naive friends claimed he could identify just about all the characters with people we knew. I thought the plot was simple-minded, and the notion that not one but two Health Commissioners would be tapped to run for Mayor was ludicrous. Dooley's idea of setting a scene in summer in an well-off Catholic home was to have the lady of the house pick up a copy of the Sacred Heart Messenger to fan herself. Maybe he got better in his later novels. I never read them."
Doughty, Francis Worcester
The Bradys and the Opium Ring
New York, 1902
Full Text
Has scenes set at the Pan-American Exposition
Douglas, John Cei
Buffalo Roots
The author, 2008
Full Text A graphic novel set in Buffalo.
Drago, Ross
Buffalo Boy

Oakland, CA: Backbone Books, n.d.
Chapter One "Buffalo is America's Moscow." Not seen by this webmaster
Drzewiecki, Iris
The Ghost and Me, Joey
Buffalo, NY: Western NY Heritage Press, ©2002
Publisher's Website Joey meets the ghost of Lancaster, Warren Hull, in the attic of the 1810 Hull House.
Dubel, Dorothy
Escaping Danger

Philadelphia, PA: Xlibris, ©2009
Author's Website An autobiographical novel about Polish refugees who escape World War II and settle in Buffalo.  
Eastburn, Joseph
Kiss Them Goodbye
New York: W. Morrow, ©1993
Author's Website Detective Nick Fowler, recently transferred from Buffalo, investigates a series of murders in a boys' school in "Ravenstown," NY.
Eberle, C.G.
All Hallow's Eve
Lulu.com, 2013
Publisher's Website
Before Family Ties, before Family Plots, John Seraph was an ordinary college student at Buffalo State College, until Halloween night when he came face-to-face with the Headless Rider of Buffalo State College. Now John needs to stop the Rider before he kills.
Edmonds, Walter D.
In the Hands of the Seneca

Boston, MA: 
Little, Brown & Co., ©1947
Full Text
Edmonds, Walter D.
Wedding Journey

Boston, MA: Little, Brown & Co., ©1947
Author Profile OP. Mentions Buffalo, the Erie Canal, and other places in Upstate NY
Eichelberger, Mary Ann
A Cloud Slipped Across the Moon

Lincoln, NE: iUniverse, ©2002
Publisher's Website Has lots of scenes set in Buffalo
Ellis, Peter Berresford
The Rising of the Moon: A Novel of the Fenian Invasion of Canada

New York: St. Martins Press, ©1987
Author Biography OP. The Fenians were predecessors to the Irish Republican Army, and in 1866, assembled in Buffalo for a failed invasion of Canada. Not seen by this webmaster
England, George Allan (1877-1936)
Darkness and Dawn
Westport, CT: Hyperion Press, [1974, 1914]
Full Text Chapter 19 describes passing by a post-apocalyptic Buffalo and onto the Niagara River, which has been reduced to a trickle
Falkner, Daniel
These houses, they burn
Bowling Green, OH: Thesis/Dissertation, 2007
Bibliographic record Not seen by this author
Farrell, Mike
Running with Buffalo
Morrisville, NC: Lulu.com, ©2007
Publisher's Website
"In the tradition of literature's most memorable idealists comes Joseph Cahan, Buffalo, New York's biggest dreamer and 2001 college graduate. Follow Cahan on his amusing and arduous search for refreshing certainty in the times of Generation What's Next."
Fazzolari, Clifford J.
In Real Life
Pittsburgh, PA: SterlingHouse, ©2002
Author's Website Partially set in Buffalo, with local landmarks and businesses
Feder, Harriet K.
Death on Sacred Ground
Lerner Publications Co., ©2001
Author's Website Vivi, a high school student from Buffalo, accompanies her rabbi father to a Seneca reservation where a Jewish girl was supposedly felled by an unknown archer. For grades 6-9.
Feinberg, Leslie
Stone Butch Blues
Ithaca, NY: Firebrand Books, ©1993
Author's Website "Woman or man? That's the question that rages like a storm around Jess Goldberg, clouding her life and her identity..." (from the jacket copy). This semi-autobiographical coming out novel is set in repressive, blue-collar Buffalo in the 1950s and 1960s. Author was born and raised in Buffalo.
Fel, Joe
Queen of the Roller Derby
Amherst, NY: RAH Press, ©2011
Kindle Edition "Dewey DuMond, a computer programmer and semi-professional musician, loses his fiancée, a student of classical piano, in a plane crash. In confusion, he quits his lucrative job at Hughes aircraft and returns to graduate school at the University at Buffalo, where he meets Lu Wi, a brilliant Taiwanese professor...Together with Dean Kurland (“Curly”), a neuroscientist miscast as Dean of the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Larry, a bicycle and roller skating vendor and technician, and his son Richard, a talented Little Richard imitator, Dewey and Lu Wi create Huey, a software based intelligence who resides on the Internet."
Fitch, James Monroe
The Ring Buster: A Story of the Erie Canal
New York: Fleming H. Revell Co. [1940]
 Synopsis OP. Political corruption in Buffalo during Grover Cleveland's years as mayor
Fitzgerald, F. Scott
Basil and Josephine Stories
Simon & Schuster, ©1996
Publisher's Website Includes short stories based on Fitzgerald's childhood in Buffalo
Fix, Miranda
Garden of Roses and Tears
Bloomington, IN: AuthorHouse, ©2003
Publisher's Website Twenty years old, talented and beautiful, Kerensa Fiori had life all figured out. In two years, she would be graduating from the University of Miami to open her own dance studio. Now, everything has changed. First, her father unexpectedly dies from a heart attack in Buffalo. Then she is informed that only a couple of days prior to his death, he had changed his will. Kerensa is summoned in the dead of winter to be under the guardianship of her father’s colleague, Dr. Brian O’Brian, until she turns twenty-one. Independent and defiant, Kerensa arrives in Buffalo under protest.
Flynn, Joseph
Hot Type

Richmond, VA: Diesel eBooks, ©2005
Publisher's Website Has several scenes set in Buffalo
Ford, Joan E.
Grandma Stories
[Buffalo, NY?]: The Author? ©1991
  Short stories. Not seen by this webmaster
Ford, Paul Leicester
The Honorable Peter Stirling and What People Thought of Him
New York: International Book, 1899, ©1894
Full Text A thinly disguised fictionalization of Grover Cleveland's illegitimate son with Maria Halpin and Cleveland's later marriage to Frances Folsom, the daughter of Oscar Folsom, the man who may have been the real father.
Fowler, Charles
Historical Romance of the American Negro
Baltimore, MD: Thomas & Evans, 1902
Full Text Set in 1855, the hero and heroine of this novel escape from slavery and settle for a time in Buffalo
Frank, Jeffrey
The Columnist
New York: Simon & Schuster, ©2001
Excerpt The ruthless Washington journalist is this novel is born and raised in Buffalo, getting his start, according to Jeff Simon, at a newspaper modeled on the Buffalo Courier-Express. According to my friend Peter, the Buffalo portion of the story is limited to the first chapter.
Fried, Emmanuel "Manny"
Big Ben Hood
Buffalo, NY: Textile Bridge Press, Labor Arts Books, ©1987
Author Profile Ben Hood works at the fictitious Niagara Division of Mackenzie Machine Tool, in a city called Niagara. Possibly a blend of Buffalo and Niagara Falls. The LA Times (date unknown) wrote: "No American playwright writes so knowledgeably & sensitively of labor's rank-&-file as Emanuel Fried." He lived the bohemian life, was a blue-collar worker. A professional actor, then a union organizer, he earned a doctorate & became a professor of English & wrote plays. Chairs the Labor Arts Committee of Greater Buffalo AFL-CIO & Professor Emeritus at Buffalo State College.
Fried, Emmanuel "Manny"
Meshugah and Other Stories
Buffalo, NY: Textile Bridge Press, Labor Arts Books, ©1982
  Features short stories with Jewish themes set in Buffalo
Fried, Emmanuel "Manny"
The Un-American: Autobiographical Nonfiction Novel
Buffalo, NY: Springhouse Editions, ©1992
Author Profile Fried fictionalizes his persecution by the HUAC Committee in the 1950s
Furie, Ruthe
If Looks Could Kill
New York: Avon Books, ©1995
Author's Website


The first novel in a projected mystery series featuring Fran Kirk, a battered woman who lives in Cheektowaga.
Furie, Ruthe
A Deadly Pate
LTD Books, ©2004
Author's Website The third in the Fran Kirk PI series which is set in Buffalo and Western New York.
Furie, Ruthe
A Natural Death
LTD Books, ©2003
Author's Website P.I. Fran Kirk is called to a natural foods farm in Wyoming County to determine whether the accidental death of a farmhand is really an accident.
Galanti, Ralph & Joanna B. Nervo
City of Steel...Hearts of Gold
Buffalo, NY: No Frills Buffalo Press,
Publisher's Website Set in the 1930s in Lackawanna, NY among immigrants from Italy
Gangi, Rayna
Mary Jemison: White Woman of the Seneca
Clear Light Publications, ©1996
Commercial Website A fictionalized account of the famous English captive who chose to accept the Seneca people as her own. Jemison lived for several years on the Buffalo Creek reservation and was buried there before being reinterred at Letchworth State Park.
Gardner, John
Sunlight Dialogues
New York: Knopf, ©1972
Dust Jacket Copy Set in Batavia and Buffalo.
Geller, Ruth
Pictures from the Past
Buffalo, NY: Imp Press, ©1980
  OP. Short stories with occasional mentions of Buffalo locales
Geller, Ruth
Seed of a Woman
Buffalo, NY: Imp Press,©1979
  OP. Local author, local publisher. An early coming-out novel possibly set in Buffalo.
Geller, Ruth
Trumansburg, NY: Crossing Press, ©1984

Deals with lesbian and Jewish identity.
Godsave, Bayard
Allentown: A Novella
Moorhead, MN: Dacotah Territory Press, ©2002
 Author's Website
"Bayard Godsave’s first published novella, Allentown, may be set in Buffalo, NY, but the the story is a familiar one across the nation for members of the X and Y generations. It’s a taut, tense, and incredibly grim ride that is foreboding from the forward, yet gripping to the last word. Populated with dead-end druggies and their dealers whose only goal is to make it until their next score, Godsave paints a bleak, but compelling look into a downward spiral that sucks in five different, but damned characters. He doesn’t attempt to justify their lives or choices, but only to act as a sort of colorful tour guide for the descent."  --High Plains Reader, June 13, 2002
Goga, George
Hometown Mystery

Raleigh, NC: Lulu.com, ©2010
Publisher's Website "Paul Carmichael is called to Buffalo by his own parents to solve a never-ending mystery that has been upsetting the family for quite some time. As the facts unfold, another crime is committed; this time, more serious than ever."
Goga, George
Negative Space

Raleigh, NC: Lulu.com, ©2009
Publisher's Website "Written by an 8th grader who is thirteen and loves the art of writing. If you enjoy skiing and if you like planes, this is the book for you. This book takes you on an adventure from Buffalo,NY all the way to Colorado and then to the French Alps."
Golden, David
Tied Up in Tonawanda
Virtual Bookworm,
Publisher's Website
Appears to be a Western.  Not able to determine if it has the local scenery implied by the title.
Goldstein, Paul
Errors and Omissions
New York: Random House, ©2007
Author's Website Meet Buffalonian Michael Seeley, a take-no-prisoners intellectual property litigator–and a man on the brink of personal and career collapse. So when United Pictures virtually demands that he fly out to Hollywood to confirm legally that they own the rights to their corporate cash-cow franchise of Spykiller films, he has little choice but to comply.
Goldstein, Paul
A Patent Lie
New York: Random House,
Author's Website "Michael Seeley, the tough-but-wounded hero of Errors and Omissions, stuck in a dead-end solo practice (in Buffalo!), cannot say no when his estranged brother, Leonard, head of research at upstart biotech Vaxtek, Inc., flies in from California to beg him to take over the company’s lawsuit for patent infringement of its pathbreaking AIDS vaccine after the sudden death of the lead trial lawyer."  --Talking Leaves
Gonzales, Gabriel
A Fighter's Chance
No Frills Buffalo, 2013
Publisher's Website
Aiden fights to deal with the struggles of everyday life while attempting to accomplish the one dream he has had since he was a child, to become the champion of the world.
Gordon, Kim
A Modern Christmas Romance
Lulu.com, 2013
Publisher's Website
"What would the first Christmas be like if it happened in the 21st century? Mary and Joseph are a nice couple from Buffalo. They truly love each other, but when he finds out she's expecting and the baby isn't his, he breaks their engagement."
Graham, Norman Spencer
Everything Green Went Away

Philadelphia, PA: Xlibris, ©2000
Publisher's Website "They are classmates in Buffalo, upstate New York, and their parents are an assorted collection of deviants---alcoholics, pill-pushers, promiscuous, cynical and having no interest whatsoever in their children’s welfare. The kids decide to find a life of their own..."
Grandits, John
The Travel Game
Boston, MA: Clarion,
Publisher's Website "Armed with a globe, an illustrated almanac, and their imaginations, Tad and Aunt Hattie play the travel game. They ride elephants in India, escape deadly piranhas in the Amazon River, and hail a water taxi to visit the beautiful boat city of Hong Kong—all without leaving the apartment above the family tailor shop in Buffalo..."
Green, Anna Katharine
Hand and Ring
New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1883
Full Text The mother of the detective novel, a Buffalo native, sets scenes in Buffalo in this novel.
Grey, Zane (1872-1939)
The Redheaded Outfield and Other Baseball Stories
New York: Walter J. Black [1948]
Full Text Rube's team faces off against the Buffalo Bisons for the pennant
Gurney, A.R.
Snow Ball
New York: Arbor House, ©1984
Author Biography The Snow Ball was an annual event sponsored by Children's Hospital where all local debutantes would be presented. A large ball usually held in the Mary Seaton room of Kleinhans.
Hailstock, Shirley
Whispers of Love
New York: Windsor Pub. Co., ©1994
Excerpt Romance novel, set partly in Buffalo. Not seen by this webmaster.
Harriman, Karl Edwin
The Homebuilders
Freeport, NY: Books for Libraries Press, [1969]
Full Text
Originally published in 1903. Includes a character, Anton, who is appalled that his daughter has gone to Buffalo with a bookkeeper who has anglicized his Polish name and abandoned his people. Described as classic ethnic/immigrant fiction.
Hart, Julia C.B.
Tonnewonte, or, the Adopted Son of America
Watertown, NY: J.Q. Adams, ©1825
Full Text A French child is adopted and raised in Tonawanda and falls in love with a village girl. His father reclaims him, takes him home to life in the French nobility, but he escapes and returns to his true love. Appears to be the first novel ever set in the Buffalo area.
Harte, Amanda
North Star

New York: Leisure Books, ©2000
Review A historical romance set in Buffalo in 1853.
Hartzell, Albert A.
Buffalo, NY: Revere Pub. Co., ©1904
  A thinly-veiled fictionalization of the Edwin L. Burdick murder, which scandalized Buffalo in 1903.  By the widow's attorney.
Hay, John
The Bread-Winners; A Social Study
New York: Harper & Brothers, ©1884
Full Text
OP. James Holstun writes: "Anti-union novel by Lincoln’s former private secretary, set in a city based on Buffalo and Cleveland."
Henry, Elizabeth Angela
Cloudy Weather: A Romance of the Fenian Days

Buffalo, NY: Union & Times Press, ©1921
Full Text OP. Not read by this webmaster
Herod, William
Confessions of a Mechanical Man
William Herod,

Full Text
A science fiction story set in Buffalo in the 1940s, with handsome illustrations
Herod, William
Myths and Legends: The Buffalo Iron Man
William Herod,
Full Text
A fictional urban legend about robot sightings in Buffalo
Holden, Raymond
Chance Has a Whip

New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, ©1935
Review OP. An executive in a steel plant in Buffalo has an extramarital affair with the boss's daughter. In spite of the destruction this causes, he spends most of the novel feeling misunderstood and explaining how pure their love is.
Holland, Norman N.
Death in a Delphi Seminar: A Postmodern Mystery

Albany, NY: State University of New York Press, ©1995
Publisher's Website A grad student is poisoned in the English Department at the University of Buffalo. Holland is a former UB professor.
Holmes, Mary Z.
For Bread [History's Children Series]
Austin, TX: Raintree Stech-Vaughan, ©1992
  OP. A children's book for middle grades, the story of a young Polish immigrant trying to help support his struggling family in late 19th century Buffalo. Historically accurate illustrations and text.
Hopkins, Pauline
Winona: A Tale of Negro Life in the South and Southwest [serialized novel]
Colored American Magazine, v.5, nos.1-6, May- October 1902
Full Text
Follows Africans-American characters as they escape from slavery and settle among Seneca Indians outside of Buffalo. Hopkins may be the first African-American author to set a novel in Buffalo.
Horgan, Paul
Everything to Live For

New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux [1968]
Author Profile OP. Not seen by this webmaster
Horgan, Paul
Things As They Are

New York: Farrar, Straus, [1964]
Author Profile OP. A coming-of-age novel set in the 1900's in "Dorchester," supposedly a blend of Buffalo and Rochester
Houck, Doug W.
Visionary: A Tale of Old Chautauqua, the Great Lakes, and Beyond

Lincoln, NE: iUniverse, ©2004
Publisher's Website "Political intrigue, commercial exploitation, emergiing technology, flourishing eroticism, and pursuit of power" in Western New York in the early 19th century. Has several scenes in Buffalo.
Howell, John W.
Naked in Church
Lincoln, NE: iUniverse, ©2003
Publisher's Website A deep, penetrating psychological soap opera delving into relgious extremism, emerging gay identity, angst-ridden romance and the pressures all of these bring to bear on one small town and one family of Cuban immigrants. Set in fictional Little Pond, NY, with several scenes in Buffalo.
Howell, John W.
St. Jude's Gospel
Lincoln, NE: iUniverse, ©2004
Publisher's Website There is a subplot in which the Bills win the Superbowl with Doug Flutie as quarterback. Author is a Buffalo ex-pat.
Howells, William Dean
Their Wedding Journey
Boston, MA: J.R. Osgood, 1872
Full Text Two newlyweds travel to Niagara Falls, Montreal, and Quebec. See end of Chapter XI for the memorable line, "I believe in Buffalo!"
Hubbard, Elbert with Alice Moore
The Man: A Story of To-day
New York: J.S. Ogilve, ©1891
Author Biography Written under the pseudonym Aspasia Hobbs, the novel is set in Buffalo. It was Hubbard's first book, and Moore, soon to be his wife, was a large contributor. Apparently, Hubbard was so dissatisfied with it that he burned all his copies.
Hubbard, Susan
"Conversations With Men" [short story], in:
Blue Money
Columbia, MO: University of Missouri Pres, ©1999
Author's Website According to the review in Publishers Weekly, a union organizer returns to Buffalo to mend her relationship with her ailing father
Hubbell, Harriet Weed
Cannons over Niagara
Philadelphia, PA: Westminster, ©1954
 Review OP. A young adult novel about the War of 1812 on the Niagara Frontier. Includes scenes set in the village of Buffalo.
Hughes, Brigid, ed.
Buffalo Noir
Brooklyn, NY: Akashic Books, 2013
Publisher's Website
Brand-new stories by Joyce Carol Oates, Lawrence Block, Gary Earl Ross, Kim Chinquee, Tom Fontana, Lissa Marie Redmond, S.J. Rozan, John Wray, Christina Milletti, Peter J. Ramos, Dimitri Anastasopoulos, Connie Rose Porter, and others.
Irving, John
Until I Find You
New York: Random House, ©2005
Publisher's Website Actor Jack Burns ends up in Toronto, where he meets a financial planner from Buffalo named Willard Saperston. And guess what: there really is a Willard Saperston in Buffalo who is a financial planner.
Irwin, Ron
Flat Water Tuesday
New York: St. Martins Press,
Author's Website
Part of this novel takes place in Buffalo, actually in a fictionalized version of Buffalo called Niccalsetti. 
Izzo, Anthony
The Dark Ones
New York: Kensington Pub. Co.,
Publisher's Website
A demon reincarnates in Buffalo.
Jackson, Bruce
The Programmer
Garden City, NY: Doubleday, ©1979
Author's Website Possibly the first-ever computer crime novel, with scenes at the Ellicott Square Building, the W. Ferry lift bridge, and the Erie Canal.
Jeffrey, J.B.
Publisher's Website "Follows Buffalo Police Inspector Dave “Soop” Alexander as his team works to solve three particularly gruesome and seemingly related copycat murder cases, including the assassination of the mayor."
Jenkins, Yvonne E.
Taming Pillip

Edgewater, FL: Denlingers, ©2003
Publisher's Website Priince Phillip has come to Buffalo to find a wife. Corinne Verland is assigned to show him the sights and to help him find a bride. Can she tame and mold the arrogant prince into a proper husband? What happens when he decides she is to be his bride?
Johnson, Peter
I'm a Man
[n.p.] Raincrow Publishing, ©1998
Publisher's Website Features offbeat characters from Johnson's hometown, Buffalo. Winner of the 1997 RCP Fiction Chapbook Contest
Johnson, Peter
[Various short stories]
Web Del Sol, various dates
Author's Website with Full Text Most of Johnson's stories are set in Buffalo
Jones, Ruth Fosdick
Escape to Freedom
New York: Random House [1958]
  OP. Buffalo boy helps with Underground Railroad. For 6th to 8th graders.
Joyce, Michael
"At Home With a New Thing" [short story] in:
Moral Tales and Meditations
Albany, NY: State University of New York Press, ©2002
Publisher's Website The narrator recalls the arrival on television on McKinley Parkway in the 1950s
Joyce, Michael
The War Outside Ireland
Jackson, MI: Tinkers Dam Press, ©1982
Author Biography The saga of a South Buffalo Irish-American family. Winner of the Great Lakes New Writers Award and Small Press Book Club selection.
Keenan, Henry F.
The Aliens: A Novel
New York : D. Appleton, 1886
Full Text
Set in Buffalo and Rochester in the early 19th century, focusing on the plight of Irish immigrants
Keller, Loren
Four and Twenty Bluebeards
Buffalo, NY: The Author, ©1999
Review According to Gerry Rising, who reviewed this novel in Artvoice, this story is about a retired Buffalo schoolteacher and actor who becomes obsessed with the story of Bluebeard.
Kessel, John
"Buffalo" [short story], published in:
Fires of the Past: Thirteen Contemporary Fantasies About Hometowns
New York: St. Martin Press, ©1991
Synopsis OP. Not seen by this webmaster.
Knight, Michael Muhammed
Brooklyn, NY: Autonomedia, ©2007
Publisher's Website
Set in a Muslim punk-house in Buffalo, New York, this novel explores the twin identities of punk and Islam in their many varieties and degrees of orthodoxy.
Knowles, Mike
The Buffalo Job: A Wilson Mystery
Toronto, Ontario: ECW Press, 2014
Publisher's Website
Wilson and his crew cross the border to Buffalo to steal a 200-year-old violin. Four men cross, but four don’t come back. A lot of people are interested in getting their hands on the instrument and none of them are shy about killing to get it.
Kolker, Alex
Ace Scores a Ticket [short story]
[n.p.]: The Author, ©1998
Full Text Ace arrives at a Grateful Dead show in Buffalo without any cash but he doesn't let that get in the way of his good time.
Krawczyk, Charles Casimer
Remembrance As Long As We Live
Bloomington, IN: AuthorHouse, ©2007

Publisher's Website "A young Polish immigrant joins the now forgotten American-immigrant Polish Blue Army Air Corps that trained in Canada and fought with the Allies in France in World War I. The Blue Army was actually part of the Polish Army in France and under French command; its hope was to create an independent Poland. Partly based on the life of the author’s father; much of the story takes place in Buffalo’s Black Rock neighborhood."  --UB Today, Spring/Summer, 2007
Krotow, Geri
What Family Means
Toronto ; New York: Harlequin, ©2009
Author's Website "What if a wealthy African American man from a family of professionals fell in love with a Caucasian woman from humble means? Since I knew my hometown of Buffalo, New York struggled with racial strife during the 1960's, I decided to once again use Western New York as the backdrop to tell the story of Deb and Will Bradley."
Kubiak, Dave
Honesty's Hostage

Lincoln, NE: iUniverse.com, ©2002
Publisher's Website Dani is an amnesic woman threatened by the truth of relearning a past she doesn't want to remember. Has several scenes in Buffalo.
Laiken, Diedre S.
Killing Time in Buffalo
Boston, MA: Little, Brown, ©1990
  "Renee and Fran--college students in the late 1960s--are eager to partake of the Bohemian pleasures and spirit of freedom all around them, until a strange intruder begins tormenting Renee."  A murder mystery with two UB students, set in an apartment on Days Park in 1967
Langan, Kerry
Only Beautiful and Other Stories
Decatur, GA: Wising Up Press
, ©2009
Publisher's Website
Set in South Buffalo
LaPlaine, Real J.
The Buffalo Kid
Raleigh, NC: Lulu.com,
Publisher's Website "A story about Buffalo's oldest homeless person, a destitute of thirty years. A man without a penny to his name who is suddenly launched into an off-world encounter and engages in a mission to change the face of his city."
Larsen, Doran
Sag Harbor, NY: Permanent Press, ©1997
Publisher's Website An abused child grows up in Buffalo
Lathen, Emma
Banking on Death
New York: Pocket Books, ©1975
Review OP. A detective novel with a blizzard scene in Buffalo. Originally published in 1961.
Lavid, Linda A.
Rented Rooms
Lincoln, NE: iUniverse, ©2003
Excerpt The author writes, "I have published a collection of my previously published short fiction...Many stories are set within Buffalo or Western New York, i.e. one cheating spouse works for a company suspiciously similar to Rich Products; an affair between a lawyer and his secretary takes place at the Ellicott Square Building in the 1960s: a husband and his psychically inclined wife live on a lake modeled after Lily Dale."
Leader, Elizabeth and Tulbert, Eve
Buffalo Snow
Buffalo, NY: [s.n.] : Distributed by Western New York Wares, Inc., ©2007

A children's storybook about a blizzard
Lehman, Eric Gabriel
Mercury House, ©1993
A novel about a Polish-American family in the 1970s. The daughter is a college student in Buffalo. Not seen by this webmaster
Lewis, Sinclair
"Go East, Young Man" [short story]
published in
Selected Short Stories of Sinclair Lewis
Garden City, NY: Doubleday, Doran, ©1935
Full Text The narrator goes to Paris to study painting under Monsieur Schoelkopf (can the use of that old Buffalo name possibly be coincidental?) and meets up with a boorish businessman from Buffalo
Lockwood, Brad
Writer's Showcase, ©2003
Publisher's Website "Chip and Gabe, post dot.com era wizards, come to our great city to overcome their trade and be overcome, digested into the city that neutralizes dreams into reality." Reviewed by Kristianne Meal in Artvoice, April 17, 2003, p. 20.
Loggia, Wendy
Hard to Resist
New York: Bantam Books, ©1998
Publisher's Website A teen romance set in Buffalo. Not seen by this webmaster
Lopez, Robert Oscar
Johnson Park
Wild West/Coconut Press,
Review In Buffalo NY, a grimy street links the gayborhood to the Puerto Rican barrio. It is a place of secrets, fights, and scandal, but also a place of love, friendship, and forgiveness. Five young gay men in the 1980s and 1990s find hardships, pleasure, and conflict on this barren street. 
Lynn, Jo
Who Killed the President?
Authonomy, 2011
Full Text "It's 1901 and the Pan American Exposition is in full swing. Before it ends, a President will be assassinated, the Secret Service will be born, surgery technique will change forever, and a young woman will fall in love."
Maccalupo, Mike
Where the Road Begins
CreateSpace, 2011
Publisher's Website
"...A story of a boy named Hap Pozner growing up in the 1950s and 60s living in South Buffalo, NY just a few blocks away from Lake Erie and the plants and factories where all of the fathers, including his own, go to work."
Maccalupo, Mike
Murder at Ravenswood Hall
CreateSpace, 2012
Publisher's Website
A murder mystery that takes place in Wilmington, NC but reaches to the east side of Buffalo to find the murderer.
Maloney, Andrew
End of a Dynasty
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada: Trafford, ©2004
Publisher's Website Talking Leaves Bookstore says, "Can you imagine major-league baseball in Buffalo? Mr. Maloney does in his first novel. End of a Dynasty is the story of the Buffalo Pioneers, a small-market baseball team that defies all odds by capturing the World Series three straight seasons before succumbing to myriad problems: a dying owner, a crumbling stadium and a superstar the club can no longer afford. As the team is ripped apart by free-agency, drug controversies and personal rivalry, tensions in the front-office and egos in the clubhouse spill over onto the field, depriving the Pioneers of the chemistry that brought them glory."
Manka, David
You're Lost!
[N.p.] Always Open Press, ©2007
Publisher's Website
"This is a novel about Your Host." A beacon in the wintry nights of Buffalo NY, the cursive 'your host' sign seems to be proclaiming "You're Lost!" with misspellings and bad grammar. But what once was lost is now found. Tom, a corporate success but an aspiring writer, tries to engineer the comeback career of Lemon Dunning. Tom’s former classmate and former romantic rival went to New York on the strength of a published short story, but returned after his fifteen minutes of fame. Lemon became the reclusive night manager of the dowdy Your Host restaurant in the once-elegant Elmwood neighborhood of Buffalo.
Mann, William J.
Biograph Girl
New York: Kensington Books, ©2000
Publisher's Website A 'what if" novel about silent screen star Florence Lawrence, who did live in Buffalo in her youth. Speculates what her memoir might read like had she lived to be 106 in a Buffalo nursing home rather than passing away in 1939. Not seen by this webmaster
Marohn, John
Tiorunda Stories
Buffalo, NY: Beaufleuve Press, ©2008
Author's Blog
The author says it touches on the Catholic Church, the Buffalo Drive-In, Cheektowaga Street Dance, and the Cleveland Hill cultures that dominated the Tiorunda projects (now called Cedar Grove Heights) in the 1950s.
Marshall, Tom
Voices on the Brink: A Border Tale
Toronto, ON: Macmillan, ©1988
Author Biography OP. A mystery novel set in Niagara Falls with an unsolved murder in Buffalo
Martin, Joseph Xavier
Buffalo Stories
[various dates]
Full Text
Most of Martin's short stories uploaded here have something to do with Buffalo.  May not be all fiction.
Martin, Phil
Long Journey Home
Philadelphia, PA: Xlibris, ©2003
Publisher's Pag An autobiographical novel set in Irish South Buffalo during World War II
McGuinn, Sheri
Running Away
Lincoln, NE: iUniverse,
Author's Website
John B. reports: "The story takes place in Buffalo and Harrisburg, PA, with several stops in between. Although the focus of the story is a family relationship, there is a local flavor to the drama."
Meadowcroft, Enid LaMonte
Along the Erie Towpath
New York: Thomas Y. Crowell & Co.,

An Erie Canal novel for young adults with a orphaned protagonist who has climactic family reunion in Buffalo and witnesses the canal opening ceremonies in 1825.
Meholick, Diane
Buffalo Stories
Parker, CO: Outskirts Press. ©2006
Publisher's Website In the city of Buffalo, NY, lives a diverse and eclectic population of people. You will meet some of these people in "Buffalo Stories."
Meholick, Diane
Painting Katherine
Author's Website
"Washington, D.C. artist Vincent Vermay's world is unraveling. He can no longer paint. He no longer understands his wife Kate. When Kate inherits an old Victorian in North Tonawanda, NY from her grandmother Katherine Malloy, Vincent falls in love with the house and moves in."
Melville, Herman
Moby Dick, chapter 54: "The Town-Ho's Story"
[reprinted by many publishers], 1851
Full Text Peter Hassett writes, "...chapter 54 of Moby Dick contains a wonderful 'tale within a tale' of a Buffalonian named Steelkilt. While almost everyone knows the essential story of Moby Dick, surprisingly few know of this dream-like, tangential digression. I bet Melville included it just because it was such a good yarn."
Mencken, H.L.
The Charmed Circle [short story]
Smart Set, v. 52 no. 4, August 1917, pp. 3-28

Annotated Bibliography
Horace Blackwell, a bookkeeper living near Buffalo, inherits some money and attempts to hobnob in high society.  Published under the pseudonym William Drayham.
Miano, Sarah
Encyclopaedia of Snow

Macmillan, ©2004
Publisher's Website Author is a Buffalo native. Mike says it has a "heavy Buffalo emphasis." Not seen by this webmaster.
Miller, Sarah
Inside the Mind of Gideon Rayburn

Macmillan, ©2007

Publisher's Website
A young adult novel peers inside the head of a New England prep school student.  One of the characters, Molly McGarry, is from Buffalo.
Millis, Chris
Small Apartments
Vancouver, BC: Anvil Press, 2001
Publisher's Website
"'Winner of the 23rd International 3-Day Novel-Writing Contest sponsored by Anvil Press of Vancouver. It's an offbeat, darkly comic tale of profound underachievement set in Buffalo's working-class west side. Franklin and his neighbors search for happiness and meaning amidst murder, mental illness, drugs, sex, voyeurism and arson -- with a dash of pop psychology, and an occasional therapeutic blast from an alp horn. What they discover is that, more than anything, they just want to be left alone."  --Universal Press Syndicate
Minich, Richard A.
Fireships & Brimstone
East Aurora, NY: All Exox Publications,
Muskie fisherman Joe Gaspe uncovers a plot to blow up the Peace Bridge, disguised here as the Friendship Bridge.
Moffett, Cleveland
The Conquest of America; A Romance of Disaster and Victory: U.S.A, 1921 A.D....
New York: George H. Doran Co, ©1916
Full Text OP. "The purpose of this story is to give an idea of what might happen to America, being defenceless as at present, if she should be attacked, say at the close of the European war." Author used fiction to predict a German invasion after World War I. Chapter XXIII,"Confessions of an American Spy and Bravery of Buffalo Schoolboys," pictures an attack on Grand Island thwarted by strategically placed high school athletes.
Moore, Bob
The Weathermen
Lincoln, NE: iUniverse, ©2001
Publisher's Website Features a professor who was radicalized as a '60s college student by the anti-war uprisings at UB. Not seen by this webmaster.
Morgan, John Thomas
Bobo's Reunion

Philadelphia, PA: Xlibris, ©2000
Publisher's Website "Bob (Bobo) Larsen drives up alone to his fifteenth-year high school reunion in Wyoming, New York, a small town midway between Rochester and Buffalo. His wife, Barbara, is to attend a baby shower in Brooklyn where they live, and declines to come along. While at the reunion Bobo becomes romantically and sexually involved with a former classmate, Diane Hunter, now Diane Mack, the wife of Bobo’s high school nemesis Joey Mack."
Moses, Michele
But... What if it Doesn't Rain?

Philadelphia, PA: Xlibris, date unknown
Publisher's Website It has something to do with a Buffalo interior designer, a Paris chef, and stuffed frogs.
Mullen, Georgia Ann
Wixumlee is my Salvation
Indianapolis, IN: Dog Ear Publishing,

Author's Website After a brutal fight with slave catchers, Tess, her brother Cooper and Beany struggle to survive in Buffalo, New York, the Erie Canal’s lawless last stop.
Murphy, Jim
Desperate Journey
New York: Scholastic, ©2006

Author's Website
"Tells of pre-teen Maggie, whose father loses all their money in a fight with an Erie Canal bully, placing the family in danger of losing their boat. The only way out is to work harder - but when her elders are arrested it's up to Maggie and her mother and brother to race against time to get the job done. The book brings to life the Erie Canal and what it was like to be a canawler.  Buffalo is one end point of the family's canal haul."  --Todd Mitchell
Murphy, Thomas J.
Slurry Seasons in Buffalo, New York: A Novel
Bloomington, IN: Xlibris.com, 2009

"Quasi-fictional story of two young men who came to Buffalo, N.Y. in 1926 in order to escape the arduous farm work and boredom of their Michigan home. They discovered in Buffalo a netherworld of deceit, deception and corruption and they prospered in their new environs during most of the next fifty years."
Newlin, L.J.
Bittersweet Tears
Morrisville, NC: Lulu.com, ©2007
Publisher's Website
"An unlikely meeting of Dave and Laura. Their romance blooms in sunny California. A body found in a shallow grave in upstate New York. The Mexican drug Cartel and an undercover narcotics cop from Buffalo all weave an adventurous tale from coast to coast."
Niedzviecki, Hal
Toronto: Random House Canada, 2001
Review Set mostly in Toronto with scenes in Buffalo
Nixon, James Leroy
Maid of Ontario: A Story of Buffalo, Toronto, and the Fenian Raid of 1866

Welland, Ontario: Yedis Pub. Co., ©1905
Full Text
Nowak, Brian J.
Shadow Hunters
Rockville, MD: James A Rock & Co., ©2008
Publisher's Website
A young reporter comes home to Alden to solve the murder of his brother
Noyes, Alfred
"The Man From Buffalo" [short story] in:
Walking Shadows: Sea Tales and Others
New York: Frederick A. Stokes Company [©1918]
Full Text
A Buffalo millionaire uses his yacht to bait a German warship during World War I
Oates, Joyce Carol
Broke Heart Blues
New York: Dutton ©1999
Review Set in "Willowsville," based on Williamsville, where author briefly lived as a teenager.
Oates, Joyce Carol
You Must Remember This
New York: Dutton, ©1987
Review The Port Oriskany in this novel is based on Buffalo
Oates, Joyce Carol
What I Lived For
New York: Dutton, ©1994
Review The Union City in this novel is based on Buffalo
O'Brian, Patrick J.
Sawmill Road
Martinsville, IN: Fideli Publishing, ©2011
Publisher's Website "When Terry Levine is called to investigate a triple homicide five hours away from home, he knows the case won't be routine. A veteran investigator with the New York State Police, Levine quickly suspects he may be dealing with a blossoming serial killer. A task force comprised of state troopers, the FBI, and Erie County Sheriff's Department personnel follow what few leads come their way."
O'Brian, Patrick J.
Sin Killer
Martinsville, IN: Fideli Publishing,
Publisher's Website "A serial killer remains free in Buffalo, New York after a task force comprised of state and local authorities fails to apprehend him and the wrong man is imprisoned. No one is more frustrated than Terry Levine, the state police investigator who headed up the team. He is ordered to leave the case alone, but continues it in a different way."
O'Nan, Stewart
Wish You Were Here

Berkeley, CA: Grove Press, ©2003
Review A family gathers for the last time at its summer cottage on Chautauqua Lake. Has scenes in Buffalo.
Panara, Patricia Reilly
Buffalo Winged
[n.p.]: Beef on Weck Press, ©2003

Author's Website
A romance novel
Pappano, Marilyn
Heaven on Earth
New York: Dell Pub., ©2002
Excerpt P.I. Melina Dimitris searches for missing children in Bethlehem, NY, which is apparently based on Buffalo
Parker, Bici
Spin Murders

Publish America, ©2004
Publisher's Website "A clever murderer stalks the streets and suburbs of Buffalo, New York. Can Kimberly Evans find him before he finds her--or her young daughter? Kimberly enlists the aid of Homicide Detective Frank 'Cooper' Jaruszewski. Using her heretofore quenched psychic abilities, Kimberly, together with Cooper, set off to seek the Terror of Buffalo."
Peck, Ralph H.
Murder on a Quiet Street
Infinity Books, ©1989
  A mystery set in thinly-disguised Orchard Park
Pendleton, Don
Hard Targets
Gold Eagle, 2013
Google ebook While investigating a missing person's case, Mack Bolan's brother Johnny uncovers a link between the Buffalo police department and the Mafia. But when he's forced to kill one of the cops moonlighting for the mob, the stakes suddenly go through the roof. 
Perrin, Kayla
We'll Never Tell
New York: St. Martin's Press,
Author's Website
A sorority hazing leads to murder in this suspence novel set at the University at Buffalo.  Featured in the Buffalo News, May 3, 2008
Perry, Thomas
Blood Money
New York: Random House, ©1999
Review Not seen by this webmaster
Perry, Thomas
Butcher's Boy
New York: Random House, 1982
Author's Website The Justice Department pursues a professional hitman.  Set partly in Buffalo.
Perry, Thomas
Dance for the Dead
New York: Random House, ©1996
Review Not seen by this webmaster
Perry, Thomas
The Face-Changers
New York: Random House, ©1998
Review Not seen by this webmaster
Perry, Thomas
Shadow Woman
New York Random House, ©1997
Review Not seen by this webmaster
Perry, Thomas
Vanishing Act
New York: Ivy Books, ©1996
Review Not seen by this webmaster
Petry, Ann
"The New Mirror" [short story] in:
Miss Muriel and Other Stories
Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin, ©1971
Author Website The narrator is 12-year old girl in the only Black family in a small town. When her father, the town pharmacist, disappears for the day, she worries that he has gone to Buffalo.
Pfeil, Fred
"A Buffalo, New York Story" [short story] published in:
What They Tell You To Forget
Wainscott, NY: Pushcart Press, ©1996
Publisher's Website A young boy is terrified of everything from city streets to the atomic bomb. Winner of Pushcart's fourteenth annual Editors' Book Award
Porter, Connie
All-Bright Court
Boston, MA: Houghton-Mifflin, ©1991
Review Set in a public housing project in Lackawanna. An email acquaintance who taught a class on Buffalo literature considers this, not City of Light, the quintessential Buffalo novel.
Porter, Connie
Imani All Mine
Boston, MA: Houghton-Mifflin, ©1999
Review Not seen by this webmaster
Puzo, Mario
The Godfather
Signet Books, ©1995 (reissue)
Godfather trivia page Guess you can't write the Great American Mafia Novel and omit Buffalo. A bit character in The Godfather opens (what else?) a pizzeria in Buffalo. On the west side, maybe?
Quarrington, Paul
The Spirit Cabinet

Atlantic Monthly Press, ©2000
Author's Website Two magicians acquire the Davenport Spirit Cabinet, which belonged to brothers Ira and William Davenport of Buffalo who held seances during the 19th century. The Davenports are actual historical figures who employed a cabinet in their performances.
Quick, Herbert, 1861-1925
Vandemark's Folly
Indianapolis, IN: Bobbs-Merrill Co., ©1922
Full Text
A young adult novel about a teenager who runs away to work on the Erie Canal, experiencing everything between Albany and Buffalo, and eventually continuing west to the prairie.
Quinn, Kate Karyus
Another Little Piece
New York: HarperTeen, 2013
Author's Website
Horror novel with a few mentions of Buffalo locales
Ramsay, Marshall
Along the Buffalo Waterfront [short story]
Marshall Ramsey,
Full text Santa Claus relocates toy production to our abandoned grain elevators after global warming melts the North Pole.
Reed, Ishmael
Flight to Canada
New York: Random House, ©1976
Critique I seem to recall reading that this is an Underground Railroad story with scenes in Buffalo
Reisman, Nancy
"Buffalo Series" [four short stories], published in:
House Fires
Iowa City: University of Iowa Press, ©1999
Publisher's Website Winner of the 1999 Iowa Short Fiction Award.
Reisman, Nancy
First Desire
New York: Pantheon, ©2004
Publisher's Website From Kirkus Reviews, July 15, 2004: "A Buffalo family personifies quiet desperation in this first novel by Iowa Short Fiction award winner Reisman." The Cohen family lives on Lancaster Avenue in the 1930s and 40s.
Reisman, Nancy
"Illumination" [short story] published in:
Best American Short Stories 2001
New York: Houghton Mifflin, ©2001
Publisher's Website and Excerpt From the review in the Buffalo News, December 9, 2001: "Set in 1930s Buffalo, among the houses of Lancaster Avenue and the churches of Delaware Avenue, the haunting story of a young Jewish woman's secret, unrequited love for a Catholic co-worker."
Reynolds, D.B.
Phoenix, AZ : ImaJinn Books, ©2010
Author's Website
Based in Buffalo, NY, Krystof is an old vampire—-too old, it would seem, because he’s slowly losing his mind. Summoned back to Buffalo by his Sire, Rajmund finds his master out of touch and rapidly weakening. Vampires in America #3.
Richardson, Chuck
Memos from Apartment 5

Otsego, MI: PageFree Publishing, ©2004
Review Local author; novel has several scenes in Buffalo
Riker, Dan
Seneca Point: A Brandon Webster Mystery
Charleston, SC: CreateSpace,
Author's Blog Based on the Angola area of southern Erie County.  Webster, a covert operative, tackles the murder of his brother, the town supervisor.
Rohmer, Richard
General Pub. Co., 1980
Author Biography
A natural gas shortage during a harsh Buffalo winter kills 20,000 people and lots of international energy intrigue ensues.  Author lived in Buffalo as a child.
Rose, Jackie
Marrying Up
Don Mills, Ontario: Red Dress Ink, ©2005
Publisher's Website Disillusioned with the single life in Buffalo, Holly decides that the solution to her problems is to find herself a rich man.
Ross, Gary Earl
Blackbird Rising
Buffalo, NY: Full Court Press, ©2009.
Press Release "At the dawn of the 20th Century, Buffalo, New York hosts a dazzling World’s Fair. Unknown to organizers, the bold grandsons of a runaway slave plan to show the world that nothing is more powerful than mankind’s oldest dreams—flight and freedom."
Rucker, Rudy
"New Experiment With Time" [short story], published in:
New York: Four Walls Eight Windows, ©2000
Author's Website Possibly science fiction
Russo, Richard
That Old Cape Magic
New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2009

The deceased father in this novel is a Buffalonian
Rybacki, Stella
Thrills, Chills and Sorrow
New York: Exposition Press, 1954

Heroine works in a restaurant on Jefferson Avenue in the 1920s and 1930s. Author briefly lived in Buffalo as a child.  Featured in the Buffalo News, Feb. 3, 1955.
Schober, Jeff
Buffalo, NY: No Frills Buffalo Press, ©2013
Author's Website
"A nurse from a Buffalo hospital punches out at midnight, then disappears, leaving an abandoned car in the parking lot. Four days later, the investigation falls to detectives Mark Bennett and Salvatore DeAngelis."
Schober, Jeff
Broken and Profane
Buffalo, NY: No Frills Buffalo Press, ©2011
Author's Website
"A serial killer is on the loose, and his first murder — from City Hall's balcony — becomes his signature."
Schober, Jeff
Bloomington, IN: Trafford,
Author's Website
Three young people fall through the ice hiking across Lake Erie south of Buffalo
Scott, James
Buffalo City Czar
Rahiem Brooks, 2013
Publisher's Website
The story of a Buffalo boy who ascends to power and becomes megalomaniacal while a maverick federal team vows to stop him.
Scudder, Sam
A Counterfeit Citizen
New York: Broadway Pub. Co., 1908
Full Text
An Italian immigrant gets caught up in Irish machine politics in Buffalo and New York City
Seale, Anne
Packing Mrs. Phipps: A Jo Jacuzzo Mystery
Los Angeles, CA: Alyson Publications, ©2004
Publisher's Website "Jo Jacuzzo is a bit down on her luck when she accepts a job offer that will take her from Buffalo, N.Y., to Tampa, Fla., to pack the belongings of the aged Mrs. Phipps and drive her back to Buffalo. She makes it as far as Georgia before a blown engine and a giant motor home divert her far from her original plans and carry her deep into danger."
Secret, Stevi
The Great Canadian Stripper Shortage
Lincoln, NE: iUniverse, ©2002
Publisher's Website Mentions Buffalo locales throughout. Third in the series of sex-crime mysteries featuring skin trade worker Darrien. Author, who works in the business, grew tired of seeing exotic dancers portrayed only as victims and killers.
Semel, Nava
Isra Island
Tel Aviv, Israel: Yedioth Ahronoth, 2005

This has to be the first novel with a Buffalo connection published in Hebrew.  Semel imagines a future in which Grand Island did indeed become the Jewish homeland as envisioned by Mordecai Noah (1785-1851) in 1825.
Shannon, Tom
Da's Shillelagh: A Tale of the Irish on the Niagara Frontier

Charleston, SC: CreateSpace, ©2012
Publisher's Website
"Danny Dailey, an Irish Catholic immigrant, settles with his family along the banks of the Buffalo Creek. Shunned by the Protestant settlers in the village of Buffalo, they are befriended by the Seneca Indians dwelling along the creek. Finding themselves caught up in the War of 1812 the family struggles for survival on the Niagara Frontier."
Shrier, Howard
Buffalo Jump
Toronto, Ontario: Vintage Canada, 
Author's Website A private detective tracks a prescription drug smuggling case.  Set in Toronto and Buffalo.
Simmons, Dan
Hard as Nails
St. Martin's/Minotaur, ©2003
Author's Website P.I. Joe Kurtz has more adventures on the streets on Buffalo
Simmons, Dan
St. Martin's/Minotaur, ©2001
Review P.I. Joe Kurtz is hired by a Buffalo mafia don to find a missing accountant.
Simmons, Dan
Hard Freeze
St. Martin's/Minotaur, ©2002
Publisher's Website Sequel to "Hardcase" featuring P.I. Joe Kurtz.
Simpson, John Worsley
Missing Rebecca: A Mystery of High Crimes and Dark Shadows
CreateSpace, 2012
Author's Website Death and deception. After a whirlwind romance, Liam and Rebecca marry, knowing almost nothing of each other's backgrounds. Only months later, on an afternoon shopping trip to a mall in the Buffalo, New York, suburb of Cheektowaga, Rebecca vanishes, seemingly abducted. Or did she make herself disappear? Was the marriage a sham? Was Liam a dupe? 
Smallman, Steve
Santa is Coming to Buffalo
Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, 2013
Publisher's Website
Children's story
Smith, Alicia Marie
Buffalo Daze
Roanoke, VA: Hollins University M.A. Thesis, 2005
WorldCat Record
Not seen by this webmaster. An unpublished manuscript.
Smith, Matt
Jailed by My Father: Tales of Tough Love, Bad Haircuts, and O.J.
College Park, MD: Manual Publishing & Red Roach Press,
Publisher's Website "The short  stories contained here — most of which focus on  the relationship between a father and son — are all true and in come cases,  regrettably so. They are simply the unfortunate stories of a very fortunate boy."  --The Author
Smith, Susan
Of Drag Kings and the Wheel of Fate
Tacoma, WA: Justice House, ©2002
Publisher's Website
Author's Website

Smith was featured in the April 11, 2002 issue of Artvoice. She says, "It’s a magical realism novel set in Buffalo, dealing with drag kings and drag queens and pagans and magic and reincarnation and a lot of sex and love. I wrote the book I wanted to read when I was 18. It was a great deal of fun. And I love this city, so I wanted it in the book."
Smith, W.L.G.
Life at the South
Buffalo, NY: Geo. H. Derby and Co., 1852
Full Text Pro-slavery fiction.  "In Chapter 2 of this long, talky novel Smith introduces readers to his "Uncle Tom." After an incident with another slave raises 'the devil' in Tom, he is tempted to run away by a northern schoolteacher who is depicted as envious of the happiness he sees on Mr. Erskine's Virginia plantation. Tom suffers miserably in the north (including in Buffalo, where the novel was published and Smith himself may have lived), and inadvertantly winds up in Canada -- until he is rescued from his freedom and happily carried "back to old Virginia" and his slave cabin."
Smolens, John
The Anarchist: A Novel
New York: Three Rivers Press,
Author's Website
"On a stifling, hot afternoon in September 1901, a young anarchist, Leon Czolgosz, who has been stalking President William McKinley, waits in line to meet the president, his right hand wrapped in a handkerchief and held across his chest as though it were in a sling.  But the handkerchief conceals a .32-caliber revolver."
Soper, Barbara
Carnival of Rainbows: A Novel of the Pan-American Exposition
Philadelphia, PA: Xlibris, ©2001
Publisher's Website By a retired librarian
Spencer, Dan
Loop the Loop
Morrisville, NC:
Lulu.com, ©2005
Publisher's Website Herkimer Dawes dreams of flying, not of inheriting his father's successful toiletries business. Aeroplanes are all the rage in 1912, and San Francisco's Lincoln Beachey is the most heralded flier alive. Herkimer wants the man's crown. Thus a rivalry is born that takes Herk from Buffalo to San Diego and many points in between on his quest to become the world's greatest stunt pilot – even if he dies trying.
Standish, Burl L.
Old Burke, the Madison Square Detective, or, The Mystery of the Morgue
New York: Beadle & Adams, Publishers, 1893

Not seen by this webmaster.  A murder mystery set in New York and Buffalo.
Stark, Cordelia
The Female Wanderer
Various publishers, 1824-1857
Full Text The narrator disguises herself as a man in order to follow her lover to Buffalo, finds him pursuing another, and goes off to have all kinds of adventures while still disguised as a man
Starr, Patti
Final Justice
Lincoln, NE: iUniverse, ©2002
Publisher's Website Has scenes set in Buffalo
Staub, Wendy Corsi
The Good Sister
New York: Harper, ©2013
Author's Website
"Sacred Sisters Catholic girls’ school has hardly changed since Jen Archer was a student. Jen hoped her older daughter would thrive here. Instead, shy, studious Carley becomes the target of vicious bullies. But the real danger at Sacred Sisters goes much deeper."
Staub, Wendy Corsi
Kiss Her Goodbye
Pinnacle Mass Market, ©2004
Author's Website Someone in Woodbridge, NY (based on Orchard Park) is preying on blond-haired, brown-eyed teenage girls.
Staufenberger, Lori
Eternal Winter
Frederick, MD: PublishAmerica, ©2006
Publisher's Website "Ana is the biggest fan of the goth-rock cult band Eternal Winter. She spends her life’s savings to follow them on tour. The voice of Rafael, the lead singer, mesmerizes her... When they come to rest in their hometown of Buffalo, a chance meeting with Rafael shakes Ana’s life to its foundation. A chance for love brings them hope and tragedy."
Staufenberger, Lori
From Blood to Fire
Frederick, MD: PublishAmerica, ©2006
Author's Website
Rose throws off her conservative Christian upbringing and finds a new fascination with the supernatural.  After her lover commits suicide, Rose flees to Buffalo.
Stephenson, Neal
Zodiac: The Eco-Thriller
New York: Atlantic Monthly Press, ©1988
Review Set in Boston with some scenes in Buffalo & Niagara Falls
Stewart, Robert Bruce
Always a Cold Deck
Street Car Mysteries,
Kindle Edition
Harry Reese Mysteries, Book 1. "In July 1900, he is sent to Buffalo to look into a fire that's destroyed a grain elevator. But when Harry uncovers a smuggling operation, the case morphs into something more serious."
Stratemeyer, Edward, 1862-1930
Marching on Niagara: or, The Soldier Boys of the Old Frontier
Boston, MA: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co., 1902
Full Text
A War of 1812 novel for young adults.
Strychasz, Amy J.
Buffalo Gals
Blue Buffalo Publishing Co.,
Author's Blog A coming-of-age story
Stucchio, Chris
Totally Buffalo
Morris Publishing, ©2002
  Wealthy kid feels misunderstood in economically depressed Buffalo. Seen at Talking Leaves Bookstore.
Sullivan, N.
Nickle City
Sixty Six Underground, 2014
GoodReads Page While investigating a murder in Buffalo, New York, private detective Tommy McKinney discovers a conspiracy leading back through the history of the city to a centuries-old cult. As the city becomes ever more dangerous for the few people he trusts, he finds links to his own shattered and mysterious past that could destroy the city he loves or save him from immortality.
Sullivan, Richard
The First Ward
Charleston, SC: CreateSpace, ©2011
Author's Website Civil War hero John Sullivan meets Mark Twain and Fingy Connors in Buffalo's old First Ward
Swados, Harvey
Standing Fast
Garden City, NY: Doubleday, ©1970
Author Biography
OP. A fictionalized memoir about life in the Communist Party in Buffalo from the 1930s to the 1960s
Swados, Harvey
"Where Does Your Music Come From?" [short story] in:
Nights in the Gardens of Brooklyn
New York : New York Review Books, 2004
Review A Buffalo author sets out to write a meticulous novel about Buffalo's history, only to compromise for commercial success instead of literary success.
Swanson, Thea
The Curious Solitude of Anise
Dorsett, McClaughlin & Whitney, 2013
"Readers first meet Anise Kaufmann, squatting in an abandoned restaurant in Buffalo..."
Talty, Stephen
Black Irish
New York: Ballantine,
Author Essay
"A brilliant homicide detective returns home, where she confronts a city’s dark demons and her own past while pursuing a brutal serial killer on a vengeful rampage."
Talty, Stephen
Ballantine Books, 2014
Review The eerie schoolyard chant still sends ripples of horror through North Buffalo. Not so long ago, serial killer Marcus Flynn preyed upon the community’s teenaged daughters—until he was cornered and shot in the head. But Flynn lived, carrying to prison the nickname “Hangman,” along with the secret of his last victim’s fate. 
Todd, Brody
Reversing Motion
Bloomington, IN: AuthorHouse, ©2005
Publisher's Website
Meet Chris Valmonte. As a youngster growing up in Buffalo, he witnessed the death of his step-dad and a serious injury to a young girl in a car accident. Chris collapses at the sight, and can''t recall anything about his life for the next five years.
Travis, Jerry
Dust of Autumn
Philadelphia, PA: Xlibris, ©2006
Publisher's Website
"Dust of Autumn, set in western New York, mostly in a high school in the Buffalo area, involves a young woman and her fixation with her English teacher."
Twain, Mark
A Curious Dream Containing a Moral
[short story]
Full Text Twain shames Buffalonians about their neglect of the old North Street Cemetery. Originally published in two parts on April 30 and May 7, 1870, in the Buffalo Express.
Updike, John
"I am Dying, Egypt, Dying" [short story] in:
Playboy Stories : The Best of Forty Years of Short Fiction
New York: Dutton, ©1994
  According to Nicholas Howe, a character in this short story remembers the bison statue in Buffalo's New York Central Terminal as he suffers a middle-aged encounter with depair on a tourist boat on the Nile.
Vande Verde, Vivian
"Drop By Drop" [short story], in:
Being Dead
San Diego, CA: Harcourt, ©2001
Publisher's Website Teenager Brenda hates the rural house her parents have moved to from Buffalo, and then finds that it is haunted by a battered, bloody child
Verne, Jules
Master of the World
London: Sampson Low, Marston & Co., Ltd., [1905]
Full Text In chapter 14, the narrators travel past Buffalo and onto the Niagara River
Ward, Brian
Thoroughbred Solution
Morrisville, NC:
Lulu.com, ©2006
Publisher's Website
Alex Gates is a former Buffalo Police Department forensic detective. He has processed the most terrible crimes anyone can imagine and has seen human cruelty at its worst. Unable to cope with the suffering, he leaves his wife and daughter and takes a job looking after a rich family's summer home and small thoroughbred horse stable in upstate New York. A terrifying explosion and fire in the middle of a winter night destroys the horse barn, killing three valuable horses and catapaulting Gates back into the forensic world he left behind. Were the deaths of the horses, murder or just an accident? 
Whitehead, Colson
Zone One
New York: Doubleday,
Author's Website Buffalo becomes the seat of government after  zombie attack.
Whitt, Derrick
Pathway to Armageddon:  Moving Target
Morrisville, NC:
Lulu.com, ©2005
Publisher's Website
Another adventure from Benjamin Long's chronicles as he goes all out to protect an attorney from Buffalo, NY from a mob hit.  Benjamin  approaches the final confrontation with his siblings based on the Bible book of Joshua.
Wierzbicki-Roazh, Geraldine
Thus Bound: The Story of Tadziu and Marysza
Indianapolis, IN: Dog Ear Publishing, 2009
Author's Website "In the waning years of the Great Depression, Tadziu and Marysza, the children of Polish immigrants, meet in grade school, a meeting that will direct the course of their lives."  --Amazon
Wilcox, Stephen F.
The Twenty-Acre Plot: A Hacksaw Mystery
New York: St. Martin's Press, 1991

"Elias Hackshaw, the wry and irascible editor of a small-town upstate New York weekly newspaper, finds himself reluctantly investigating the death of a local farmer."  --FantasticFiction.co.uk.  Mentions several Buffalo landmarks and locales.
Williamson, Ellen
Chains of Gold
Bloomington, IN: Authorhouse, ©2007

Author's Website
"Charlie O'Malley is filled with grief, anxiety and hopelessness as he stands on the banks of Lake Erie and contemplates suicide. Jewel Brady, an avowed atheist has just broken their engagement because she cannot endure being married to a preacher. The temptation to throw himself into the dark, roiling waters of the lake pulls him toward the bank."
Williamson, Ellen
Guilt in Disguise

Bloomington, IN: Authorhouse, ©2006
Author's Website
"In an attempt to escape the haunting memory of his father’s death at the hand of a sniper and the accidental death of a friend, sixteen-year-old Billy Richards takes refuge in Charles O’Malley’s barbershop in Buffalo, New York."
Wilson, Mollie D.
A Buffalo Boy
New York: Cochrane Pub. Co., 1909

An insipid children's book about a Hodge Street child and his pet chicken.
Wilson Sloan
The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit
New York: Simon and Schuster, 1955
Wikipedia Entry The classic novel of conformist '50s corporate life supposedly has some mention of Buffalo
Wilson, Sloan
A Summer Place
New York: Simon & Schuster, ©1958
Author Obituary Has characters from Buffalo
Winfield, Mason
A Ghosthunter's Journal: Tales of the Supernatural and Strange in Upstate New York
Buffalo, NY: Western New York Wares, ©1999
Publisher's Website Title is self-explanatory
Wolfert, Jerry
Brother of the Wind: A Story of the Niagara Frontier
New York: John Day Co., [1960]
  OP. A young adult novel set in pre-canal times. Mentions Buffalo, Bird Island, Grand Island, Black Rock, and other places in Western NY.
Woods, David
Buffalo Snow Day
Morrisville, NC: Lulu.com, ©2008
Publisher's Website
"Buffalo, long the world’s champion scapegoat city, is lionized and becomes an Aspen for the 21st century, a world center for humanism, food and recreation, through a billion dollar media scam involving, fictionally, prominent real-life Buffalo-born media celebrities."
Woronov, Mary
London: Serpent's Tail Publishing Ltd., ©2002
Review Set mostly in Niagara Falls but with some scenes in Buffalo
Wos, Joann
A House of Butter: Stories
Indianapolis, IN: Writer's Center Press of Indianapolis, ©1999
Review Fellow librarian Jean says that this collection of stories is about growing up Polish in Buffalo
Wright, T.M.
The Devouring
Hertford, NC: Crossroad Press,
Publisher's Website "The entity is ancient. It has taken form before, in other places. This time the place is Buffalo. The form is that of a magnificent woman...created from the dreams of a child. The eternal hunger is immense. The entity must feed."
Wyatt, Charles
"Listening to Mozart" [short story] in:
Listening to Mozart
Iowa City, IA: U. of Iowa Press, ©1995
Publisher's Website Semi-autobiographical fiction by a writer/musician
Young, Julia Ditto
Adrift: A Story of Niagara
Philadelphia, PA: J.P. Lippincott, ©1889
Full Text
A well-off, idle, depressed Buffalo housewife casts about for something meaningful to do and ends up in Niagara Falls
Zangwill, Israel
"Noah's Ark" [short story] in:
They That Walk in Darkness: Ghetto Tragedies
Originally published 1893; reprinted by Kessinger Co.
Full Text
A Jew in Frankfort in the early 19th century is inspired to emigrate to the US to help establish the nation of Israel on Grand Island. Based on an actual historical figure, Mordecai Manuel Noah. This is possibly the first ever short story set in Buffalo.
Zebrun, Gary
Only the Lonely
New York: Alyson Books,

Author's Website
"Asim Zahid is headed to the University of Michigan, ready to bust out of Lackawanna, a rundown steel town outside of Buffalo, New York. But his dream of a bright future is derailed when his father dies and leaves behind the Bethlehem Theater and Sonia, his old man’s longtime mistress. Soon there’s another reason frustrating the restless son's plans to leave Lackawanna — an Irish redhead named Billy, who’s been flirting with Asim from the window of the Pig Iron Pub across the street from the theater..."
Zuppa, Michelle Ann
How We Roll
Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Bowling Green State University, 2011
Full Text
The stories feature characters striving for happiness, and success, and sometimes for peace and understanding of self. Often these protagonists think they know what they want only to discover they are wrong. All the main characters are women, and many are pregnant or involved with young children. The stories are mainly set in the suburbs of Buffalo.

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