Buffalo’s Newest Urban Legend?

Originally published at my LinkedIn page in December 2019, then reprinted by BuffaloRising.com. Reproduced here with minor edits and updates. Image of Buffalo City Hall courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. The assertion first came to my attention last year in the comment section at a popular Buffalo website. Then some folks expressed it to me inContinue reading “Buffalo’s Newest Urban Legend?”

Build the Larkin Rowhouses

Originally published in Buffalo Spree, July-August 2006, p. 150 Most architecturally-aware Buffalonians know how the Darwin Martin-Frank Lloyd Wright friendship led to commissions for the now-demolished Larkin Administration building and homes for the top Larkin Company officers. Demolished portions of the Martin House complex are being rebuilt as the site undergoes a complete restoration. Martin alsoContinue reading “Build the Larkin Rowhouses”