Who Can Help With a Little Web Design Problem?

As you may know, I run this site as an on-my-own-time, on-my-own-dime project to pull together online resources for researching ancestral & architectural history in Buffalo. I host it at WordPress with a personal account. For $25 a month, I could upgrade to the business plan, which opens up all the WordPress plug-ins, of whichContinue reading “Who Can Help With a Little Web Design Problem?”

The Truth About Snow in Buffalo

Some Top Ten US Weather Facts 10 Snowiest Cities1. Blue Canyon, CA2. Marquette, MI3. Sault Ste. Marie, MI4. Syracuse, NY5. Caribou, ME6. Mount Shasta, CA7. Lander, WY8. Flagstaff, AZ9. Sexton Summit, OR10. Muskegon, MI 10 Coldest Cities1. International Falls, MN2. Duluth, MN3. Caribou, ME4. Marquette, MI5. Sault Ste. Marie, MI6. Fargo, ND7. Williston, ND8. Alamosa,Continue reading “The Truth About Snow in Buffalo”

The Old Curiosity Shop: McDonnell and Sons Monument Company

Parks officials were mortified at the malfeasance. The Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument in Lafayette Square was cracking and crumbling only six years after its erection in 1882 during the city’s semi-centennial year. A structural review was undertaken, revealing careless workmanship throughout the foundation of the monument. The core of rubble and mortar was inadequate to the taskContinue reading “The Old Curiosity Shop: McDonnell and Sons Monument Company”

In Search of Buffalo’s First Professional African-American Architect

Some Preliminary Findings by Cynthia Van Ness, ©2001-2013 In the New York State census of 1925, John E. Brent reported his age as 33, making his year of birth around 1892. According to a biographical profile of him in the Buffalo American, which does not reveal his age, Brent was born and raised in Washington, D.C.Continue reading “In Search of Buffalo’s First Professional African-American Architect”

Top Ten Urban Legends in Buffalo

In the old David Letterman format, these are the ten most bogus urban legends about Buffalo & its history: 10.  Buffalo has the longest, coldest, snowiest, harshest, worst winters in America. 9.   Every house in Buffalo was photographed during the Pan-American Exposition and the Buffalo History Museum has the pictures. 8.  The “Historical Society” (alternately, the “Preservation Society”)Continue reading “Top Ten Urban Legends in Buffalo”