Researchers For Hire

“If you think it’s expensive to hire an professional, wait until you hire an amateur.” –Red Adair

Unable to travel to look at offline, undigitized stuff? Hire someone who can. Being listed here does not imply an endorsement or guarantee of any kind. It just means we found people with geographically relevant skills. Individuals & companies are listed in alphabetical order.

Here’s some advice from the Association of Professional Genealogists on hiring a professional genealogist.

Name & LinkSpecialty
Researchers for HireA list by The Buffalo History Museum
Researchers for HireA list by the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library
Ancestry Pro GenealogistsHas a regional expert, Gordon Remington, on staff
Daniel BartoszAmerican Indian and Polish genealogy
Ward BrayForensic genealogy
Bridge & CaseGenealogy, house history, archive & collections services
Buffalo & Erie County Public LibraryHas an inexpensive obituary look-up service
Government Appointed Historians of Western New YorkMay be able to answer historical questions
Historical New York Research AssociatesExperts in documenting Underground Railroad sites & women’s suffrage history
Dennis HoganIrish and New York State
Nancy Gavin KoesterGenealogy
Nancy MingusArchitectural history
MyGenealogist.comClaims Erie County expertise
Jennifer Liber RainesGenealogy, orphans
Dana SaylorGenealogy & architectural history
Jeannette SheligaGenealogy
Society of American ArchivistsFind an archival consultant to help organize your business or personal records
SourceryA mobile app that connects researchers with those who can retrieve offline documents. May not include Erie County yet.
Shane StephensonOrganize your family papers, business records, and other important collections
Trace GenealogistsCan conduct research in New York State
Martin WachadloArchitectural history

Illustration courtesy of Pixabay.