Buffalo Full Text

We’re using Raindrop.io, a social bookmarking site, to share links to individual full-text works. But we’re also sharing our favorite places to look for Buffalo in pre-computer online books & periodicals. Please understand that we do not scan or upload books. We find them online where others have digitized them. Then we collect and organize the links via Raindrop.

Raindrop has links to a thousand+ open access, nonfiction Buffalo & Erie County-related books, pamphlets, catalogs, dissertations, theses, studies, yearbooks, diaries & periodicals that we found online. Some general Western NY works are included. We are still adding to it.
Google Books logoWe pretty much live at Google Books. In 2004, they signed agreements with major libraries to mass digitize books & periodicals. There are four levels of access: full text [the entire book]; excerpt [some pages]; snippet [a sentence or two]; and no text [a placeholder for if they do someday digitize the book].
HathiTrust logo
HathiTrust was created by a consortium of academic libraries to digitize their books & periodicals. Everything is full text, with lots of public domain material. You must belong to a member institution to read & download works that are still protected by copyright, though.
Internet Archive logoInternet Archive has full-text public domain books you can download, plus an e-book lending program. Anyone may upload works to Internet Archive.
Project Gutenberg logoGutenberg Project was the first online book site. Everything here is full-text and public domain.
University of Buffalo Libraries logoLastly, here’s an online book search engine built by our colleagues at the University at Buffalo that simultaneously searches the above sites and a few more.