Buffalo Full Text

At the previous iteration of this site was a page called Buffalo Full Text. It had links to about 700 works. As mass digitization advanced, it became impossible to keep up. So now we’re showing you where we go to research Buffalo in pre-computer full-text books & periodicals. The following sites are all searchable by author, title, and keyword.

Google Books logoWe pretty much live at Google Books. In 2004, they signed agreements with major libraries to mass-digitize books & periodicals. There are four levels of access: full text (you can download the whole book); excerpt (you get a set of pages); snippet (you get a sentence); and no text (the page is a placeholder for if the book does get digitized).
HathiTrust logoHathiTrust was created by a consortium of academic libraries to digitize their books & periodicals. Everything is full text, with lots of public domain material. You must belong to a member institution to download works that are still protected by copyright.
Internet Archive logoInternet Archive has full-text public domain books you can download, plus an e-book lending program. Anyone can upload works to Internet Archive.
Project Gutenberg logoThe first full-text book site. Everything here is full-text and public domain.
The big four full text book sites
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